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Defy the stars: Mabinogi stages Romeo & Juliet


What's in a name? That which we call a free update by any other name would smell as sweet! Or so a little birdie told us when we got word that Mabinogi is bringing another Shakespearean classic to Nexon's quirky title: Romeo and Juliet.

Mabinogi players now have a chance to engage with this romantic tragedy and its two star-crossed lovers. The action takes place at Rath Castle, where players will join the masquerade ball and witness the epic love story that bridged the chasm between two warring families. The addition of Romeo and Juliet to the game's landscape follows the Hamlet update earlier this year.

If you're not in the mood for love and fashionable costumes, Mabinogi's latest update invites you to grab a new weapon -- the lance -- and joust with your friends and enemies. You'll look even cooler doing this from a fire horse, a flaming steed that's been added to the game. Or if a life of peace is one you crave, then settle down in one of Mabinogi's Homesteads to grow crops, customize your ranch, and trade with others.

You can check out the screenies of the Romeo and Juliet update below, go read the full patch notes on the official site, and watch the trailer after the jump!

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