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Framed 40-inch digiframe for galleries, cafes, the insanely rich (video)

Zach Honig

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If a 7-inch photo frame is perfect for grandma, think of Framed as an art display for the rest of us. (Assuming the rest of us have sky-high art budgets.) This 40-inch giant is based on a Samsung LED HDTV and powered by a Core i5 processor and Windows 7. Built-in 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi connects the digital canvas to a dedicated iOS app, which you'll use to purchase static and motion art and even manipulate content for display, using a virtual touchpad. Built-in speakers aren't a surprise, considering it's essentially a modified consumer HDTV, but there's also a camera and microphone -- for making your own art? No word on pricing or availability, but judging by the sample spaces used in the demo video (after the break), we're guessing that we don't fit within the designer's target demographic.

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