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GameCube Fusion portable brings Wii aesthetics, GBA design to Nintendo's boxiest console (video)

Tim Stevens

It seems like there was a time, not that long ago, where we saw another new hand-crafted portable console every week, each one smaller and more impressive than those before. Those days are, sadly, gone and, whether you want to blame the short attention span of today's youth or simply conclude that everyone's too busy playing Angry Birds, it's a sad fact. Modder Ashen is bucking the trend, creating what he calls the GameCube Fusion. It's a hand-built portable GameCube that plays (hopefully legally acquired) titles from SD card via both WiiKey and Gecko, offering full controls on-board plus an external controller port, all kept cool by a laptop-sourced fan that sounds powerful enough to make the thing hover, F-Zero-style. It's far smaller than 2009's NCube, but the omission of a battery pack means it won't be traveling far. For those who want to know more, every detail will be revealed in the 12 minute video embedded just below -- if you can keep focused that long.

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