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Homemade Portal turret is very, very intimidating


You know, we thought we were pretty talented when we built a papercraft Weighted Companion Cube. Sure, we never actually finished it, but that one corner looked great. Imagine our dismay, nay, our horror at glimpsing the homemade Portal turret seen above. Created by one Ryan Palser, the turret is a marvel of ingenuity, standing over three feet tall and observing all through its laser-infused eye. The damned thing even packs a motion sensor and spouts its iconic catchphrases when someone approaches.

In short, Mr. Palser, you have crushed our creative impulses as easily as we crushed our poorly constructed paper Companion Cube. Congratulations. Those whose creative dreams are not easily squelched can view exhaustively detailed build photos on Mr. Palser's flickr page.

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