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Army of Darkness brings Ash, boomstick to iOS


The Evil Dead series has spawned a handful of mediocre video games throughout the years. Surprisingly, the third film, Army of Darkness -- which centers on a giant medieval battle between humans and the undead -- has never been tapped for a game adaptation. Backflip Studios looks to change that with Army of Darkness: Defense, a tower defense game for iPhone and iPad.

The game has players taking control of Ash, summoning up troops to defend Lord Arthur's castle as the Deadites attempt to steal the Necronomicon. Army of Darkness: Defense also includes "over 150 direct lines of dialogue from Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams," so we hope you're not sick of hearing this just yet.

Army of Darkness: Defense debuts this Thursday for $0.99 on iPhone/iPod and $2.99 on iPad.

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