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Final Fantasy XI launches May version update

Eliot Lefebvre

The version updates for Final Fantasy XI have always packed a great deal of content, and this month's patch is no exception. The May version update is now live, and it carries with it new battle styles, new content, and more updates for the venerable game. Centerpieces for this particular update include the new Voidwatch battles, new Grounds of Valor for players inside dungeons such as Garlaige Citadel, and new improvements to make Dynamis more relevant once again.

Aside from those updates, players are seeing several new battlefields added for battles with notorious monsters. There are also new synergy recipes to add augments to existing equipment, revised experience penalties for low-level characters, and a variety of job improvements. Not to mention a significant improvement to quality of life for storage, mailing, and general transportation. Final Fantasy XI players will have to wait through the usual download time, but given the content awaiting the patient, we think it should be well worth the wait.

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