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Gods & Heroes dev chat video details next beta patch, estate system, and more


The newest Gods and Heroes dev chat video is now available for your viewing pleasure. The devs gather 'round a table with beer and pizza -- which is frankly how any dev chat should be done -- and answer their internet audience's questions, which span a great variety of topics. They discuss the upcoming beta patch, which is said to be the biggest patch so far and includes the new quest guide, a full pass on the Mystic class, tweaks on the first 10 levels for each class, and some server-side changes to improve performance.

In addition, the team discusses the mechanics of the fast travel system and the quest guide, which functions similarly to many quest-helper mods for other MMOs. An interesting twist, however, is the fact that if you choose to do the quest without asking for the quest guide's help, you receive a bonus. What this bonus will be hasn't been decided yet, but experience and money were both suggestions tossed around.

The team also goes into detail about the game's estate system, which allows you to take a razed villa and rebuild it from the ground up, populating it with minions and customizing it to your liking.

For the full details on all of this as well as answers to questions such as what the team most regrets not being able to implement at launch, whether the devs play their own games, and whether the game will support addons at launch, visit Ustream to view the recorded chat.

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