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Jagex partners with Herotainment to publish Herotopia

Jef Reahard

Heavyweight free-to-play publisher Jagex is joining forces with Herotainment, a New York-based children's media company. The partnership will lead to the publication of a new browser-based virtual world called Herotopia, which is aimed, naturally, at little tykes.

Herotopia casts kids in the role of superheroes and offers both real-world and fantasy-based locations to explore. Gameplay also involves questing, building secret hideouts, 25 unique minigames, and the showing off of various super powers, all wrapped in the confines of a safe online environment.

"We are delighted to partner with Herotainment as they have created an enthralling virtual world which provides kids with a fun and enjoyable experience they can make their own," said Jagex's Wendy Rosenthal via press release. The National Parenting Publication Awards agrees, as the organization has already tagged Herotopia with its Gold Award for excellence in video games. Head to the official Herotopia website to learn more.

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