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SpyParty 'Early-Access Beta' sign-ups begin, costs $15 when beta opens


Like Minecraft before it, SpyParty is being made by just one man, and it will cost a nominal amount to access the game's public beta. Creator Chris Hecker announced as much on the SpyParty blog today, detailing the game's $15 beta access -- which will eventually roll over into a full game license when SpyParty officially launches -- and also noting that it will be rolled out in batches "over the next few months" as he expands server capacity.

While signing up to be part of the "Early-Access Beta" program doesn't cost anything, Hecker encourages only serious inquiries to add their email. OS X users should also hold off for the time being, as the beta will be PC-only initially, though Hecker adds "but not forever" in the same breath. Finally, though no specific parameters are given, he says "any 3D graphics card from the past few years" should be sufficient enough to handle the game's visuals.

Wondering what all the hullabaloo about SpyParty is? Catch up with our extensive coverage of the bizarre and endearing two-player psychological strategy shooter right here!

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