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Touchscreen prototype brings fake insects to life with tactile sensations (video)

Brian Heater

The laboratory that taught us all to love again via kissing machine is back, and this time, thankfully, it's got its mind on other things. Kajimoto Labs at Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications showed off a prototype for a touchscreen capable of transferring tactile information like the location of onscreen icons to the user's palm, while a layer of gel positioned behind screen helps it conform to the shape of the sensation-receiving hand. What use could such a technology serve? Well, there's surely a lot of potential here -- take, for example, visually impaired users, who don't otherwise get a lot of information from touchscreens. A less noble example was offered up by a representative from the lab in the form of game where the user can feel ants crawling on his or her hand. Terrifying, and hopefully not compatible with the lab's previous invention. Video of the touchscreen after the break.

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