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Ace Combat Assault Horizon comes in for a retail landing October 11 [update: trailer!]


One of the many announcements made by Namco Bandai during its Level Up event in Dubai was the release date of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the explosive series reboot for PS3 and Xbox 360. It's flying to North America on October 11, and will be released in Europe on October 14. The European version will also be available in a limited edition bundle (above), with a soundtrack, "exclusive aircraft digital content," and a notebook signed by the development team, all presented in a steelbook case.

Namco Bandai also briefly mentioned Ace Combat 3D, the 3DS flight sim first announced during a Nintendo event in October. No details came up, but at the very least we know the three-dimensional dogfighting game is still in the works -- so keep an air sickness bag handy.

Update: Find a new trailer for Assault Horizon after the break.

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