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Arena University offers real-world experience for interns

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Most industries offer internship programs to help transition potential employees from sitting in a classroom to earning a paycheck, and the gaming industry is no exception.

While ArenaNet has offered a type of internship program within the gaming industry since 2010, they've recently progressed into new territory with their Arena University. ArenaNet's SVP of global business, Randall Price, spent some time chatting with Gamasutra about the program, detailing how it prepares graduates for the real world.

Participants in Arena University work with the goal of seeing their art in game; for example, some of the bits and pieces in today's Lion's Arch flythrough video came straight from Arena University. The purpose of the program, according to Randall, is much more than just offering a few college credits. The ArenaNet staffers who work with the interns keep a eye toward teaching their interns not only game design, but also office workflow, communication, and creation as it applies to current projects.

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