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Armored Core 5 due in Japan this October

Justin McElroy

Talk about not a moment too soon! Here we were in an utter panic about what we'd wear this Halloween (we were torn between Ghostsama bin Laden and Green Lantern) when our answer comes direct from the new issue of Famitsu -- albeit via Andriasang.

Armored Core 5 is arriving in Japan in October, according to the mag, which should give us plenty of time to pick a robot costume, cobbled together from cardboard boxes and colored tinfoil. Plus, considering the game won't come to North America until early 2012, think how avant garde we'll seem!

There's apparently even going to be a closed beta for the game just prior to the Japanese launch. We can only hope we get some invites stateside, so we get an inkling of what foil colors to stock up on.

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