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Champions Online shares new video of robot companion in hopes players will enjoy

Eliot Lefebvre

Haven't you ever wanted your very own personal robot sidekick? A combination lackey and best friend, someone to hold your hand, listen to your problems, and help you violently assault several henchmen of a given criminal organization? If so, you might have some slight rage issues, but more importantly your needs will be catered to via the newest sidekick available in Champions Online. But if you need a little more convincing to let an uncanny valley sidekick into your heart (and wallet), the development team has put together a new trailer showing off the robot.

Like any good robot accomplice, R.O.D. (Reprogrammed Onslaught Drone) is programmed for a single function, that being unloading a great deal of firepower at anything you tell him to aim for. That includes lasers, chainguns, missiles, and a variety of other attacks for the discerning robot-owner. Champions Online players might want to take a look at the trailer, because it's really all about sharing and enjoying.

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