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Prepaid 3DS eShop cards showing up at select Best Buy stores in US


You may not be able to purchase anything on Nintendo's 3DS eShop until the update goes live at some point later this month, but Best Buy is more than happy to start selling you virtual monies for when it does. As spotted by Reddit user "phillipsteak" at his local Best Buy in Merced, California, $20 eShop cards are already out there, readying themselves for virtual deployment.

We confirmed the cards with the California Best Buy, where reps said only $20 denominations were currently in stock and listed in the store's inventory. Jumping coasts, a Connecticut-area Best Buy similarly confirmed having $20 eShop cards in stock, as well as confirming no other types were listed, while locations in West Virginia and Oklahoma had no knowledge of the cards. If you happen to be at your local brick-and-mortar tonight and you see one, feel free to snap a shot and send it over with your name and location!

Update: We've got another image of the cards spotted in New York City, this time at a Best Buy in downtown Manhattan. Thanks Zethyr!

[Image credit: "phillipsteak"]

[Image credit: Zethyr]

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