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Re-discovering the iPhone magic in real life


Has the iPhone become...blasé?

Recently, I was at the check out at my local supermarket, watching the guy in front of me enter things into his iPhone. "Hey, whatcha doing with the iPhone?" I ask. Turns out he was checking his balance before deciding which debit card to use to pay.

The iPhone has long since passed parents recording videos at school concerts. During a recent trip home, I saw any number of people used their iPhones with boarding pass scanners, checking connections, finding gates and so on. These things that used to be stand out are now ordinary occurrences.

Has the revolutionary become the norm? This morning, as we're sitting in the TUAW situation room and chatting about the iPhone in real life, we decided to throw this question to our readers: What iPhone uses have surprised, delighted or just plain excited you recently? Are there ways you've seen the iPhone being used that have startled you, that took you out of the moment and convinced you that there's some new app you must buy or some new approach you can't ignore?

Let us know in the comments. We can't wait to hear what secret gems you've uncovered.

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