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The Classifieds: A dream survey for science

The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including our famous Random Acts of Uberness shout-outs to players who make your WoW sessions memorable.

We occasionally get requests from students and researchers of psychology, sociology, and other -ologies. It's nice to be able to help folks out with their efforts to understand the dynamics of gamer culture. This is one such letter:

My name is Eva Murzyn, and I am an avid WoW player and a researcher in psychology (I've just completed my PhD at University of Dundee, Scotland)). My adventure with WoW started almost 3 years ago, and as I was leveling, raiding and learning class mechanics, I found that elements of WoW - the world, the gameplay and the people in the game started to appear in my dreams with some regularity. I became quite interested in whether there are more players who experience this sort of game incorporation in their dreams, and as a scientist at heart, I decided to investigate it.

I am looking for WOW gamers to fill out a short survey that looks into their gaming patterns and their dream reflection. The survey is located at and I can be contacted on

Random Acts of Uberness

It's when another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor or unexpected generosity that your login becomes something to remember. Share your Random Acts of Uberness with Keep things brief (150 words or less, please), and be sure to list everyone's character names and home realms or battlegroup.

Zichichi I'd like to nominate Zichichi of Draenor (US - A) for a random act of uberness. We met outside of the Horde camp in Tol Barad trying to find a female orc for the Noblegarden achievement. It was the last thing I needed for What a Long Strange Trip it's Been and after a half hour or so of camping we were getting desperate. Zichichi could have just left me to my own devices, but instead talked to some Real ID horde friends to find out if they had seen any female orcs. We went on a hunt around Orgrimmar (with no luck) but a friend said he had seen a female orc up near Silvermoon city. With Zichichi's help I was able to sneak into the city and get my achievement, even though the Orc quickly left and she was unable to get the achievement herself. Thanks for your selflessness and a fun adventure. -- Demosthena

Lilibella of Ysera (US) Lilibella was amazing during Children's Week. I don't PvP except for achievements, and was having a difficult time with Alterac Valley. She and other members of the Horde were standing at the top of one of the towers, making it so that Alliance could get their achievements one after another. It was wonderful to see people working together, even from different factions! Thank you, Lilibella. -- Anonymous

Employment: Guild recruitment

Looking for more? Send in your guild name, realm, a link to your guild website or armory listing and a sentence or two on your guild's focus (10-man, RP, late-night raiding, whatever) to

Allegiance Reborn is a casual guild already maxed out to level 25. We focus mostly at least one night a week to do a 25man then split that up and have people do the rest as 10man. We are a causal social/raid guild that is max lvl25. Very fun and relaxed guild.

PVP Opportunity We don't see PvP guilds recruiting here often, so this is pretty exciting. Filet Mignome (Kil'Jaeden-Horde) is a PVP focused guild who is neck deep in rated battlegrounds right now. We're looking for a dedicated flag carrier (Blood DK or Warrior preferred, but any exceptional tank class considered). We're also a fun leveling guild on the side looking to help members level, and gear for PVP. Check us out at our website Thanks!

Want peeps This guild is looking for folks to play on Thursdays and Fridays. Cake or Death on Rexxar Hordeside is looking for a few good peeps. We are a casual raiding guild doing 10-mans. Raid times are Thursdays and Fridays, 7:30 p.m. CST. Many of us also have altitis and we run more dungeons than you can shake a stick it. Some of us even like to PvP. We are looking for a tank or 2, and a couple of extra folks, to fill out our raiding ranks. Check out for more details and some sweet kill shots (with beer!). The cake is not a lie, but it is covered in beeeeees!

Who needs a sober badger? Drunken Badgers is a small guild that needs a few more to fill in. We're a small guild of close knit folks who've raided together since BC (and in some cases as far back as Vanilla.) We're looking for a couple of folks to help fill in for absentee raiders for our ten mans. I'm loathe to say we're a raiding guild, it would be more appropriate to say we're a guild that has a couple of 10 man raids; some of us raid and some don't. Essentially if you're fun and/or competant we'd love to have you.

Crack open The Classifieds for weekly player and community news, help finding the right guild, events of interest and more. Send us your shout-outs for Random Acts of Uberness and mail your news tips and announcements to

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