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The Queue: Jeffery

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney has once again taken this baby over.

This video is totally relevant, I swear!

namethe asked:

I was leveling in Outlands, and came across a little girl named Natasha in the village of Evergrove, within Blade's Edge Mountains. She mentions to Antelerion that she was from "Eng-land." What is that about?

According to Wowpedia, Natasha and her quotes are a reference to a comedy routine by Bill Cosby from his comedy show Himself. I have found this routine and posted it here for your viewing enjoyment!

See, I told you the video was relevant.

christopher.schmidt76 asked:

Given how Blizzard is remaking old raids into 5 mans, and the current theme in this expansion of old god corruption, do you think we will see AQ-20 or 40 remade as 5 mans?

Well, you can pretty much go into them right now and blaze through them with five people, but that's not what you're asking. Whether we'll see a revamped version of those raid zones is up in the air, but I doubt it -- Cho'gall was busy at work trying to resurrect C'thun in the Warcraft comics, but he's pretty dead now. I don't think anyone else is actively trying to attempt what he tried to do. Plus then we'd probably have to deal with an in-game version of Me'dan, and do you really want to see that?

I didn't think so.

Irin asked:

Ok...I got my Paladin, my Death Knight, and soon my Warrior will be level 85... So what the H*ll do I do with the heirloom gear afterward?

Is there an option to trade them in for different heirloom gear for my clothies or maybe justice points or will they up the level limit for the benefit?

Or must they just gather dust till the next xpac?

I'm afraid they must gather dust. Mine have been shipped to my bank alt, in the event that I decide to level another alt at some point in the future.

themightysven asked:

Is there a listing anywhere with what range is appropriate DPS per level while leveling?

There isn't an official listing anywhere, but I'll let you know what the official answer is: If whatever you're fighting dies and you don't, you're doing enough DPS. Seriously. No need to gauge DPS while you're leveling.

Alex asked:

Question .. What's the point of vendor junk .. I'm playing Dragon Age and it got me thinking about the junk in WoW. It's a total waste of time .. Why not just have less drops .. or give a little more gold. Seems like another time sink.

You sell it for profit. Plus there are all sorts of interesting items out there. I mean if there were no junk, I never would have had the opportunity to amass a gigantic stockpile of Squashed Rabbit Carcasses to gift my very best of friends with. And I don't think I'd want to play in a world like that.

Elazul asked:

For someone in BIS ICC gear, about to level in Cata, When would i be expected to start switching my BIS gear to Cata Blues and Greens?

Well, as someone who leveled a main through Cataclysm on opening day with BIS ICC gear, I didn't start replacing that gear until about level 83, when I replaced one dagger with the dagger from Deepholm. The rest of the gear and armor didn't really start to be replaced until late into Uldum and Twilight Highlands. Remember though, running instances will generally get you better gear than questing -- so there may be upgrades for you in level-appropriate dungeons.

Frank hamilton asked:

Is it proper etiquette to pick pocket in a PuG Dungon while leveling?

As a fellow practitioner of the stealthy and shadowy arts of the rogue -- yes. Oh, yes. Pickpocket to your heart's content.

Best way to do it? Make a macro that has you Sap, then Pick Pocket. That way, you're contributing to crowd control and indulging your itchy little paws. Considering the fact that the Flame-Scarred Junkboxes you can pick have a chance to drop one of three epic items, you'd be a fool not to.

One more question -- this one an unanswered one from the Queue before last, because I'm just that crazy!

Couvs asked:

My guild just reached 4/13 heroic modes and our next two that we're planning to tackle are Atramedes and Valonia/Theralion. I'm a rogue and play Assassination primarily, and after having a look at the strategy for heroic Valonia & Theralion posted on our guild forum, I appear to soon be facing a nightmare of having to reforge my gear back and forth from my main spec to subtlety to handle the adds in the shadow realm on this fight.

Is this the only way to manage that aspect of the fight? Is there no viable strategy that won't require me to reforge all (or most) of my gear simply because a single secondary stat (expertise) will become more important than another (mastery)?

As someone who's done the fight -- don't worry about reforging your gear or having to swap out gems. Just make a secondary spec that is subtlety. Your DPS is going to be awful on the bosses, but that isn't the point; the point is that you can stay in the twilight realm almost indefinitely as long as you keep up Feint and Recuperate and wipe your debuff stacks at about 25-28 or so. You aren't trying to do amazing DPS on the boss; you're trying to keep those adds dead -- that's your job for the fight. The adds are casting and never attack you, so you can just stand behind them and not worry about expertise at all. They're also pretty squishy as far as adds go, so just concentrate on knocking them out one at a time, dodging the Goofy Balls, and if you run out of adds to mess with, hit the boss -- you can hit the boss from inside the twilight realm just as well as outside.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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