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Upcoming Civilization 5 update to add 'Hot Seat' multiplayer

As the countless hours we've poured into Dance Central and Wii Fit can attest, we're big fans of gaming activities that also help keep our bodies from atrophying into nothingness. Firaxis is sympathetic to our aerobic cause, and is implementing a bit of movement into its latest turn-based strategy title, Civilization 5: A "Hot Seat" multiplayer mode, which allows two players to take turns ... taking turns on a single computer.

Just think about how much physical activity this oft-requested gameplay mode will bring to your lengthy Civilization skirmishes! Hoisting yourself up and standing for minutes at a time, then sitting back down when your friend is done taking their turn? Why, that's practically doing squats, if you think about it. You can look forward to blasting your glutes and delts and stuff when the feature arrives in the game's next patch, which launches in June or early July.

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