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Konami's games division shows small drop in fiscal 2010, still pleased with game sales


Konami as a whole brought in ¥20.8 billion ($257 million) in operating income, and net revenues of ¥258 billion ($3.19 billion), in the last fiscal year, essentially keeping pace with fiscal year 2010.

But Konami Digital Entertainment, the company's video game division, saw a small year-over-year decline, with operating income dropping from ¥21.5 billion to ¥17 billion. Despite the difference, Konami still spoke positively of its performance in fiscal 2010, citing sales of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and various Pro Evolution Soccer releases as having "progressed favorably," "healthy sales" of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and "steady" increases in sales of mobile games in Japan.

And though it'll never leave Japan, the "girlfriend simulator" series Love Plus contributed as well, with the latest DS release Love Plus Plus having "received a highly positive response among Japanese consumers." We hope that isn't a euphemism.

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