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Localized Monster World IV leads newest PSN/Virtual Console 'Sega Vintage Collection'


This is slightly confusing, but also awesome. We recently found an ESRB rating for the previously unlocalized Mega Drive/Genesis game Monster World IV, for release on XBLA and PSN. Today, Sega of Europe confirmed that it's bringing the game over -- but on PSN and Wii Virtual Console, as part of a new "Vintage Collection" being released late this year and early next year.

The collection also includes Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Revenge of Shinobi, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and Wonder Boy in Monster World, all of which have already been released on Virtual Console in North America. Super Hang-On is in there too, and has not been released on Nintendo's download service. None of these were already on PSN.

Monster World IV is arguably the star of the collection, because it's never had an official console release outside of Japan -- and Sega is actually localizing it.

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