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Rumor: Bungie working on an iOS app


Here's another interesting rumor (to match the one about Duke Nukem the other day) featuring a major gaming property coming to the iPhone. Touch Arcade spotted a trademark by game developer Bungie for something called "Crimson," supposedly related to "computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones." That would hint at an iOS and/or Android release from the legendary Halo developer, who recently split ways with Microsoft to work on an original IP for Activision. Bungie started out making games for Mac, and this latest game is rumored to be an online shooter, possibly with MMO elements, which would make it perfect for going cross platform on Windows, Mac, consoles and smartphones.

Of course, none of this is confirmed by any of the companies involved. All we have so far is this trademarked name, Crimson. But iOS is clearly growing in popularity as a platform among even more traditional developers, and Bungie, free as it currently is from the reign of Microsoft (who itself has even relented to the popularity of iOS), has got to be interested in the iPhone and the iPad as gaming platforms.

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