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Runes of Magic's Lands of Despair detailed


Runes of Magic's Chapter IV update is approaching, and as it does so, Frogster is steadily releasing new information to tantalize its fans. Today, the company is appealing to the lore junkies in the crowd, releasing a short story on the actions and motivations of the demon Sismond.

The story begins with the demon, disguised as a traveling merchant, as he pays a visit to the Grafu family, whose young daughter Annelia is suffering from a heart condition. His attempts to convince Annelia's father, Lord Grafu, to allow Sismond to implant a rune-forged heart into the girl failed; the Lord opted instead to sacrifice his own life in order to provide Annelia with his own heart. However, when she awoke to her father's fallen body on the floor, it took the demon little convincing to talk her into implanting the rune-forged heart within her father instead. The heart restored the Lord to life, but at the steep cost of his humanity, placing him under the demon's control.

His plan set in motion, Sismond set to work manipulating the Dwarves and Rhino people of the region. By sending one of the Dwarves under his sway to murder Lanaik (a noble of the Rhino people of Kalo), the demon incited an all-out war between the two races. Neither side seems to benefit from this war, however, except for Sismond himself, who whisks the bodies of the fallen off to his secret lair for his own insidious purposes. Now it's up to Runes of Magic players to put an end to his schemes and restore life to the Lands of Despair.

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