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Something isn't rite with this DS lite


Tales of counterfeit DS games are nothing new, but 1UP's Jeremy Parish believes he's come across a counterfeit DS Lite. With the news that the handheld will soon disappear from retail shelves, Parish set about procuring an Apple Green unit. Ordering what appeared to be a legitimate system from a reputable eBay seller, Parish received the unit weeks later only to discover several small but significant flaws ranging from misaligned text to a warped GBA slot.

The verdict: this was not a stock Nintendo DS Lite, though it does play DS and GBA games with no problems. While Parish believed it to be a complete counterfeit, some 1UP readers have pointed out that it could simply be a broken DS that someone repaired, outfitted with an aftermarket replacement shell and sold as new. Either way, let the story stand as a warning to anyone looking to procure a DS Lite as its lifespan comes to a close.

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