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The Daily Grind: Does Vanguard's diplomacy system deserve another shot?


While I've never played Vanguard, I'll admit that I've always been fascinated by the game's diplomacy system. It was rather ambitious at the time it was first announced, as the devs boasted about how they were creating a whole new "sphere" of play by turning dialogues between you and NPCs into a deep, involved minigame.

Some people loved it -- and still do -- while others ignored it entirely. In any case, Vanguard's well-known struggles to stay afloat have kept the larger MMO community from experiencing the diplomacy system, which I feel is a shame. I've always hoped that other MMO devs would take this idea and run with it, creating a "next generation" version that would work well in contemporary games, sort of how Warhammer Online's public questing was picked up and revised for games that would follow (just as WAR picked it up from Ultima Online).

So my question to you today is, does Vanguard's diplomacy system deserve another shot? Should MMO devs take a closer look at the typically skimpy interactions between characters and NPCs to see if they can be improved? Or should this system best be left alone?

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