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Borderlands joins OnLive's flat-rate PlayPack service


OnLive is aiming to make its flat-rate, "all-you-can-play" PlayPack plan more attractive -- this time down the barrel of a cel-shaded rifle. The cloud gaming company announced today that Gearbox's Borderlands is joining the $10 per month selection of titles on tap for unlimited play.

The hybrid FPS slash RPG joins a library of about 50 games available to plan subscribers, including the likes of Just Cause 2 and Tomb Raider: Underworld. Along with news of Borderlands joining their ranks, OnLive revealed that PlayPack games -- some of which are not offered for sale -- can all be demoed for free as of today.

Just recently, the company extended its program offering free MicroConsole hardware to anyone who pre-orders Duke Nukem Forever -- another 2K Games title -- via its game streaming service.

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Big News: Borderlands Joins PlayPack Bundle!

As of today, Borderlands is in OnLive's PlayPack bundle. That's right. The award-winning fan-favorite, with its cool visual style and outstanding cooperative multiplayer mode, is now available for endless play for all PlayPack subscribers. Borderlands magically combines action role-playing with frantic first-person shooter combat, giving you and your buddies access to four unique character classes. Earn experience, customize your characters and battle baddies around the wasteland planet of Pandora.

With Borderlands in the PlayPack, you'll still be able to upgrade to access all the wonderful add-on content available including more missions, maps, items, upgrades and tournament play!

About the only thing that Borderland's Claptrap guide won't do is explain how OnLive's PlayPass and PlayPack programs work, so here's the deal:

With your free OnLive account, you get free instant game demos and tons of exclusive social features like free massive spectating in OnLive's exclusive Arena, spectator voice chat and Brag Clip videos. If you watch or demo a game you like, you have two ways to get the full game (details at

* With an OnLive PlayPass, you can rent or buy the game individually.

* With the OnLive PlayPack bundle, for $9.99/month, you get instant access to an ever-growing library of over 50 incredible games. Cancel and resume at any time. We'll keep your game saves for you.

Better yet, we've just added a new PlayPack feature today: Now you can demo almost all games in the PlayPack bundle for free, no credit card required, the same as most PlayPass games. So, if you haven't checked out the PlayPack bundle before, definitely give it a go. Lots more hot games are on the way.

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