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Capcom taking over Japanese shooting gallery for Resident Evil anniversary


You know that trip you were going to take to Japan this summer? Well, you'll be able to do more than sample the local cuisine and take in the sights -- you're desperately needed to help quell the zombie threat. Well, the paper zombie threat, at least.

Capcom, in collaboration with the EA Shooting Bar (an airsoft gun shooting range not affiliated with the rival publisher), will redecorate the inside of the range to look like the S.T.A.R.S. offices from May 20 through June 19, Andriasang reports. It's all to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Resident Evil.

After a full day of shooting paper zombie targets, patrons will be able to enjoy themed food and drinks, watch a 15th anniversary special video and purchase Resident Evil items. The bar is located in the Musashino area of Tokyo.

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