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Cthulhu Saves the World approved for Steam, Zeboyd 'hoping' for release this month


Zeboyd Games has announced that its excellent Xbox Live Indie title, Cthulhu Saves the World, has been approved by Valve for release on Steam. Developer Robert Boyd is "hoping" to get the game released before the month is out. Just like its Xbox Live counterpart, it will cost a measly $3. Armless Octopus also reports that Boyd is attempting to offer some sort of bonus for those who pre-order on Steam. Additionally, the site reports that Boyd is working to bring the title to GamersGate, Impulse and Desura.

The PC version will include several new enhancements, including an extra campaign with new characters and dialogue, rebalanced gameplay, a new dungeon, an "insanity" difficulty setting and developer commentary. As previously revealed, the Xbox Live version will receive the extra content in a free update at the same time.

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