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DOFUS: Battles available in the App Store

Jef Reahard

What's more fun than using the word DOFUS in a sentence? Using the words DOFUS: Battles, of course. Happily, the devs at Ankama have given us ample reason to do both thanks to the newly released iOS title called, you guessed it, DOFUS: Battles.

The strategy game is available in the App Store today for both iPhones and iPads and is an interesting blend of RPG, RTS, and tower defense mechanics, all tied to the game world of the wildly successful DOFUS MMORPG. Players will manage an army consisting of 12 heroes and a dragon, and the new game borrows 12 classes from its parent MMO and spices things up with 28 levels, three minigames, and more than 170 unique equipment items.

DOFUS: Battles currently comes in four flavors: a free version with battle and class limitations, the full version, and two corresponding HD versions for higher screen resolutions. You can learn more at the game's official site.

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