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EA staffer says goodbye with Swords & Sworcery-esque creation


EA Tiburon just lost software engineer Ben Burbank. And while the Madden franchise will charge on without him, Burbank made a special creation to remember the people he worked with while at EA. Titled "So Long, Old Friends," the interactive goodbye letter remembers the individuals and teams that shaped his time at the publisher -- from the team behind NFL Head Coach to the folks who work on the annual Madden installment.

Visually inspired by Capybara's Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery EP, the game was built entirely in Flixel, Adam "Atomic" Saltsman's open-source coding engine. And like S:S&SEP, Burbank's creation is more of an "experience" than a "game" (in the strictest sense). It's also rather touching, which is why we can't suggest enough that you spend the five minutes required to check it out.

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