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New Dawn of Fantasy screenshots and information on races

Eliot Lefebvre

Dawn of Fantasy seems like it's been in development for an awfully long time, but with a release coming in June, MMORTS fans should be getting excited. The team behind the game has sent along some new screenshots as well as more information on the three most influential races in the game -- Men, Orcs, and Elves.

Elves, as most fantasy fans will likely expect, are split between Wood Elves and High Elves, with the former excelling at natural magic and the latter focusing on city building and alchemy. Orcs count a number of savage tribes among their numbers, with Desert Orcs and Swamp Orcs both focusing heavily upon offensive measures. Last but not least, the race of Men encompasses the cities of Rollingplain and Menthorn -- both are united under a single ruler, but Menthorn is filled with unrest and talk of rebellion.

MMORTS fans will want to keep their eyes on Dawn of Fantasy as the game approaches release on June 17th.

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