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Sprint adds two new 3G mobile broadband plans, unlimited WiMAX for all

Zach Honig

Want an unlimited WiMAX hotspot for $45 per month? Sprint's got a new plan that gives you just that, plus 3GB of 3G data. There's also a brand-new 10GB plan for $90 if you need to cruise a bit further down the slow road. Sprint's 4G-only devices still carry a $50 monthly fee, and like the carrier's existing 5GB plan (still $60), the new ones also have unlimited WiMAX, making the $45 plan a bargain if you happen to own a compatible device. If you already pay for unlimited service on a Sprint cell phone, you can also avoiding paying the included $10 "premium data" surcharge -- this means Unlimited Everything and Everything Data subscribers can now add an unlimited 4G hotspot (with 3GB of 3G usage) for just $35.

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