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Try out Sonic Generations at E3 'Sonic Boom' party


Sega's throwing a Sonic party during E3, offering perhaps the best possible situation in which to try out Sonic Generations. If you go to Club Nokia on June 8, play the game, and find, to your delight, that it really does bridge the gap between "classic" and "modern" Sonic, that its physics simulation is above reproach, and that it's truly fun -- you can then immediately celebrate Sega's triumphant return to form with a gathering of other euphoric Sonic fans.

If the game turns out to be disappointing, there'll probably be free food! As well as " exclusive Generations collector's merchandise!" If you want to go, keep an eye on the Sega blog for your chance to reserve a pass. The first 500 passes have already been snapped up by appropriately speedy people!

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