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Fox Entertainment Group FCC filing points to new video service on consoles


According to some FCC documents that have surfaced online, yet another content streaming service could be headed to gaming consoles soon. A filing of an FCC call (PDF link) between the Fox Entertainment Group and a multichannel video programming distribution partner shows this partner's intent to broaden the platforms it offers content on -- a move that will see "its subscription and on-demand video services available directly to widely-marketed consumer electronics devices, such as game consoles" sometime in the "near future." Fox content would obviously be offered.

There isn't any evidence suggesting who the distribution partner is, but Gamasutra surmises it is a major cable, FiOS or satellite provider operating in the US. Currently, there are a wide range of streaming services on consoles: Netflix and Hulu Plus offer consumers video content on consoles, and AT&T's U-verse service has been available on Xbox 360 since October -- plus, let's not forget about Microsoft and Sony's built-in distribution systems on their respective platforms.

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