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Rumor: Apple planning something in stores for retail anniversary


Just this morning we were hearing rumors that Apple was planning some sort of event for this weekend's retail anniversary, and now BGR has heard that there's a flurry of activity behind the counter at Apple Stores. There are some overnight shifts planned for this weekend, black curtains to go up and hide the storefronts, secret information going out to managers and trainers, and mandatory meetings for all employees on Sunday.

BGR speculates that it's a secret product launch, but that's a little overblown -- it's highly unlikely that Apple would launch a product directly in the retail stores. It's more likely a simple store refresh; a rollout like this is basically standard procedure for switching up the displays, and especially since most of the storefronts are still featuring the MacBook Air and the iPad 2, they're due for a refresh anyway. Apple's not much for anniversaries, but 10 years is a milestone for the very popular retail effort, so there may even be a congratulatory line or two in any new displays.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait long. If the black curtains go up this weekend, everything Apple's working on will be public by Sunday. We'll keep an eye out, and if you happen to know more about what's going on, be sure to let us know.

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