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Grab LA Noire at Kmart this week, get $20 credit and a free game


Most of you early adopters have likely already secured your copy of LA Noire, but if you've been holding back, Kmart's deal might just bring you down off the fence. From today through Saturday, May 21, any purchase of LA Noire will secure you a $20 credit good towards a future gaming purchase, good through July 2, the Kmart blog has announced.

If you head in-store, you also earn a free game (no accessories or points cards), valued at $19.99 or under. A nice little list is available over on CAG, showing off a wide variety of games to choose from including Alpha Protocol, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Mirror's Edge, No More Heroes and a lot more.

There is a catch: you need to be a Shop Your Way Reward member and head in-store in order to get the deal. But, honestly, it's not much of one since signing up is free and you don't need to be a detective to know people always want more for less.

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