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Lord of the Rings Online prepping Update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador

Jef Reahard

There's a new content update just over the horizon for Lord of the Rings Online. While the new locations aren't exactly a far green country under a swift sunrise, they do look to be fairly spiffy in their own right.

First up are two new three-player instances. The Halls of Night boasts content for levels 40 to 65 and takes a cue from Frodo and company's nightmarish trek through the Barrow Downs. The Inn of the Forsaken naturally takes place in the Lone Lands' well-worn stopover and is a proper dungeon-crawl intended for players from levels 20 through 65.

New skirmishes are also on the way, including an Esteldin-based romp intended for levels 30 to 65 called Attack at Dawn. Finally, the frozen wastes of Forochel will also be sporting a new instance, and the Icy Crevasse content sees players from levels 40 to 65 tasked with thwarting the evil plans of a nefarious sorcerer. All of these new goodies make up the bulk of LotRO's Update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador and are currently scheduled to go live on May 23rd. Check out our gallery below for three new images from the Halls of Night instance, or take a peek at the dungeons themselves in Justin's hands-on from last week.

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