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Sony Ericsson ST18i and CK15i blurrily leak their way onto message boards

Brian Heater

The last time we saw Sony Ericsson's Azusa, it was just a lonely blue line on a bar graph. Now it seems as if our little mystery handset might've actually become a real smartphone. There weren't a ton of specs to go off from that original leak, though the ST18i's 854 x 480 resolution does match up. Also on-board, according to this new info: Gingerbread, an 8MP camera, and an ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz Processor. The Esato message board also seems to have gotten its hands an ad featuring the CK15i, a keyboard-equipped slider phone with a 240 x 400 3.3-inch display. Add the recently leaked Cyber-Shot phone, and it's shaping up to be a nice, blurry year for Sony Ericsson. Image of the CK15i after the break.

Update: Oops, so it turns out the Azusa is actually the already-announced Acro. As for the device pictured, Pocketnow says it's actually the Urushi, aka ST18a instead of ST18i.

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