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Final Fantasy Tactics supposedly coming to iOS this summer


It's been nearly a year since Square Enix announced at E3 that it would port the venerable Final Fantasy Tactics to iOS. The original release date was supposedly September 15 last year, but Square Enix later backtracked on that and claimed "the wrong information about the FFT release date is spreading around somehow" -- the chief source of that information being Square Enix itself. The company initially didn't offer a time frame for release, then said "Spring 2011," which is now almost over with still no release.

According to the company's official Facebook page, Final Fantasy Tactics is (finally) due for release on the iPhone in either June or July. Square Enix also says an "HD" iPad version is in the works, and it offers as proof a couple of re-drawn graphics lacking the "jagginess" originally present in the game.

Whether the release date for the iPhone version will slip yet again is anyone's guess. As for the iPad version, we can probably expect that to come out a couple months later and be priced at around a 150 percent markup over whatever the iPhone version's price turns out to be.

I haven't played the original Final Fantasy Tactics in about ten years or so; I don't own a PSP, so I've never played the updated "War of the Lions" iteration. I've played all the way through both titles in the Final Fantasy Advance series, though, and all three titles number among my favorite games of all time. I hope Square Enix finally gets the lead out and releases this game for iOS so that I can play through and enjoy it again.

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