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Probably Not the Wii 2, Part IV: Liiked footage


There's a slight possibility that yesterday, somewhere in Los Angeles, a very nervous person was holding a shaky camera in a dark room, where details on the upcoming Nintendo console were discussed. Though it's a fact that Nintendo held an event for developers in Los Angeles yesterday (as reported by Tiny Cartridge) we're highly suspicious of the YouTube video surfacing with supposed "Project Cafe" information.

A black splash screen opens the video with the dubious statement, "Private presentation of 'Project Cafe' by a video games editor," before approximately 40 seconds of similarly dubious slides are shown just feet above what is alleged to be a running "Project Cafe" unit. The slides depict some things you might expect, as well as some things that we very much doubt would leak. Seeing the rumored giant screen-equipped controller in action with an unidentifiable game, for instance, is especially hard to believe. More believable is the bland presentation of the console's dimensions, as well as specs for the aforementioned controller, though the clip taken in entirety is very hard to trust.

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