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Vindictus version 1.28 introduces new raid boss


Tired of putting those fine, heroic weapons and spells to use just to kill some rats? With the Vindictus 1.28 patch, you're in luck! Now you can kill human-sized rats that just so happen to be wielding tridents! Nexon's most recent update to its action MMORPG sends players down into the sewers (how lovely) to quell an uprising of anthropomorphized rats and lizard-men. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it would be if you didn't have a lizardman "god" to contend with. The new raid boss Thor seems to be some kind of multi-mawed lightning lizard and will certainly challenge even the most stalwart of heroes.

Also included in the update are a smattering of new skills for all three characters. On top of this, three new sets of armor are being introduced to further enhance players' chances against their new enemies. The last new feature of the patch is the introduction of campfire buffs, allowing players to receive a variety of different buffs by resting their tired heads beside a campfire for just a bit before they head off into the dungeons of Vindictus. For more information on all of this plus new cash shop items and a few bug fixes, check out the official post, and head on past the cut for a trailer of the aforementioned Thor.

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