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Aeria teases Eden Eternal Thief video

Jef Reahard

Another day, another Eden Eternal video reveal. It's almost old hat now since the free-to-play fantasy title from Aeria Games is on its third class trailer in as many weeks. First we had the Warrior, then the Magician, and today we get a glimpse of the Thief as the game rolls on towards its June 2nd beta date.

A glimpse is probably all we'll get, too, since the Thief is a trickster who excels at evasion and stealth. Two cloaking skills come standard with every Thief, and the rascals can also make use of the five branch skills available to all melee DPS classes. Thieves are most effective when dual-wielding a pair of daggers, but like all Eden Eternal classes, they can fight with any weapon in a pinch. Sneak past the cut for a look at the Thief in action.

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