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NCsoft releases Aion pet and conditioning guides

Jef Reahard

The folks at NCsoft are going gaga over guides this week, and Aion's 2.5 update looks to be the most well-documented patch in the history of the fantasy title. We've already shown off a mentoring guide as well as a walkthrough of the new Esoterrace instance, and today NCsoft has updated its Aion website with a guide to 2.5's pet changes, a guide to weapon and armor conditioning, and a forum thread that serves as a guide to all the guides.

Empyrean Calling boasts 13 new pets as well as new pet moods and a pet management minigame that allows for pet-related emotes and social actions. The new weapon and armor conditioning system serves as a method for temporarily boosting the attributes of your gear. Of course, both of the new systems are much more complicated than the couple of paragraphs we've allotted to them here, so head to the official Aion website for all the details.

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