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Runes of Magic's Lands of Despair opens its borders on June 16th


In less than a month, Runes of Magic adventurers will turn the page and begin a whole new chapter in the game's history. Frogster has announced that Chapter IV: Lands of Despair, the latest content update for Runes of Magic, will go live on June 16th.

If the name sounds foreboding, it's for a good reason: A horrible plague is spreading through the land, zombies are making a comeback, and Mad Lords are becoming all the rage. The update also includes a whopping four new zones, two additional dungeons, and an odd rivalry between the Dwarves and Rhinos.

It's not too late to catch up on all of the details of this exciting update. Check out our writeup of the lore behind Chapter IV, a preview video of two of the upcoming zones, our thoughts on the new starting zone, and our detailed analysis on all of the changes.

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