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All Points Bulletin: Reloaded open beta beginning on May 23 for reals!


After the delay of the All Points Bulletin: Reloaded open beta test last week, TechMech announced via the APB blog today that the beta-stopping bug has been fixed and open beta will go forward on May 23rd. TechMech reminds players to keep in mind that the game is still in beta, so players shouldn't expect a perfect gameplay experience simply because this bug has been fixed. He does note, however, that the folks at Gamersfirst are "confident the game will hold up technically while we work on the series of game items we need to improve on and polish."

A disclaimer at the bottom of the post also states that, while TechMech is making no promises, "there is a chance we will have some super-double-secret number of accounts enabled to enter the Closed Beta during both Saturday and Sunday leading up to the beta launch, which 'might' permit access to the game for people who had previously registered an interest in the game." So if you registered previously and would like to try out the game, there's no harm in giving it a download and trying your luck. And of course you can register for the upcoming open beta on APB's official site.

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