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Hellgate beta signup begins

Jef Reahard

We reported earlier this week on Hellgate Global's newly minted web presence. As of today it seems that the highway to hell is officially open, as T3Fun has posted a beta signup blurb on the game's forums. Closed beta testing for the resurrected title begins on June 3rd, and GM Verin says "there's going to be enough CBT keys for everyone, so don't worry about not being able to beta test."

Applying is as easy as registering on the forums and clicking on the "gates of hell" graphic at the top right of the announcement post. Getting into the beta in this manner is a random event, and you'll know you've been successful if you see an image that reads "your courage has been noted."

If you don't make the cut on the official forums, T3Fun has posted a list of partner sites that will be handing out beta keys in the coming days.

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