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Mortal Kombat waives 'Kombat Pass' until PlayStation Store returns


The PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat is seeing the end of an irksome TECHNICALITY: the "Kombat Pass," a token that is required for online play but cannot be redeemed while the PlayStation Store is offline, is being temporarily waived. Up until now, the pool of online combatants was limited to those who hastily activated their passes right before the PSN fell into a coma in late April.

Writing on Mortal Kombat's official Facebook page, NetherRealm Studios confirmed that the game's online component should now be unlocked for all players, though it'll be cordoned off as soon as Sony re-opens the PlayStation Store (possibly by next week). The Kombat Pass code is included with all new copies of Mortal Kombat, and can be purchased separately for $9.99 once a free trial period expires.

If you own a used copy of NetherRealm's well-received revamp, you now have an entire weekend to gauge the value of pulverizing pelvises over the internet.

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