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Verizon Wireless may end unlimited data plans this summer


The Verizon iPhone launched with an unlimited data plan, but that all-you-can-eat option may be disappearing this summer. During the Reuters Global Summit, Verizon chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo hinted that the carrier's unlimited data plans would be replaced by a mega-data plan.

These new data plans would offer data in the same way a family share plan handles voice minutes. A subscriber would buy a tiered data plan whose GB allotment could be shared by multiple devices. Shammo did not mention pricing or even when these mega-plans would roll out. He said these plans were "a logical progression" for the carrier. Such a plan would make sense for someone with a Verizon iPhone and a 3G iPad, as long as the pricing is kept in check.

No worries if you are already on an unlimited data plan, you will be able to keep your plan as long as you keep your iPhone. If you switch to another phone or buy a new phone, then you will have to upgrade to these new plans.

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