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Zombie Cow becomes Size Five Games

Let's face it: Zombies have become oppressively mainstream during these past few years. Let's also face the fact that cows have equally over-saturated civilization ever since somebody figured out that the milk they produce tastes totally awesome. We assume that these two undeniable truths are the major reasons behind Ben There, Dan That and Privates developer Zombie Cow's recent decision to change its name to the much less predictable Size Five Games.

"I've always hated the name Zombie Cow," founder Dan Marshall explained in a blog post. "You only get one life, and there's no point going through it unhappy with something if it's well within your capability to change it," he added. "So I'm changing it." That's ... that's inspiring.

So inspiring, in fact, that it's leading us to our very own name change. That's right -- we're rebranding ourselves as "Joystick." We've been too proud for years now to admit that we spelled it wrong, but we just can't hide behind the lie anymore.

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