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Apple Store 2.0 launches with interactive iPads


Apple Stores have opened with interactive iPad displays and more in Australia, where it's already Sunday morning.

Mac Prices Australia reports that iPads are being used throughout Apple Stores to display product information, compare products and even call Apple Store employes to customers who need assistance. Specifically, the paper displays that have stood next to laptops, etc. have been replaced by iPads.

Also, store employees are wearing party hats.

Additionally, visiting on an iOS device now prompts the user to download the official Apple Store app (screenshot after the break). [Apparently, this is not new. -Ed.]

As many speculated, Apple took its retail store anniversary as the opportunity to launch this change.

It sounds like a good time, but not a massive change. As far as we can gather, paper information displays have been swapped for iPads, and that's it. We'll have more information with you as it comes in. If you're at an Apple Store and want to share pictures and/or stories, please do!

You'll find more photos after the break.

Some Twitter users are tweeting photos from inside Australian Apple Stores. For example:

From @leoleakey

Interactive iPad Apple Store

Interactive ipad Apple Store

From Twitter user @digisz:

Apple Store Australia

Here's the prompt we're seeing from via iOS:

Apple Store iOS

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